• GMP , GLP , ISO:9001 , ISO:14001 Certified Plant.
  • Bio-Med is the only Indian company, which specializes in the field of Vaccinology for both human and animal use.
  • Bio-Med's R&D laboratories are recognized by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, since March 1990.
  • First company in private sector to manufacture poultry vaccine.
  • Pioneer in the field of Bacterial Polysaccharide and Viral Vaccines.
  • First company in India to give the nation 3 Polysaccharide vaccines RESEARCHED, DEVELOPED & MANUFACTURED indigenously.
  • The First Company in India to give the nation 2 conjugated vaccines and marching towards the research & development of other Conjugate Vaccines.
  • More than 50,000 doses of Quadri MeningoTM vaccine were used to vaccinate hospital doctors, paramedical staff and public at large during the Meningococcemia outbreak in Delhi and its nearby areas in May 2005. This extensive use in one location more than proved the safety of the Quadri MeningoTM vaccine and brought the confidence of the government and public at large in the indigenous product as to quality and availability on demand.
  • Large supplier of vaccines to the government of india and the state governments.
  • First company to introduce OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) in plastic tube which have been highly appreciated over glass vials by medical fraternity.
  • First company to introduce VVM (Vaccine Vial Time Temperature Indicator) label on oral polio vaccine in India.
  • Exporting Vaccines to several countries, protecting life globally.
  • The company has developed some unique stress free veterinary vaccines for the first time in the world namely
    Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, "RB' strain, Live, Mesogenic strain
    Fowl Pox Vaccine, Live, 'BM' strain
    Sheep Pox Vaccine, Live

. Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P.) Certificate
. Free Sale Certificate
. Neutral Code
. ISO 9001:2015
. ISO 14001:2015

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