Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Adjuvanted

Black Quarter is a generalized infection of cattle caused by Clostridium chauvoei. It is characterized by emphysematous swelling of the muscles especially those of gluteal region. The incubation period is 1-5 days. The onset is sudden. The initial symptom is lameness with or without fever. Swellings at first are small, hot & painful. They may develop in the muscles of shoulder, hip, chest, back & flank. In a few hours, the swellings become extensive & crepitating.

The general symptoms are complete anorexia, marked prostration, muscular tremors, congested mucosa, dyspnoea, rapid pulse & high fever. The death occurs within 12-48 hours. On incision of affected swollen part infiltration with discoloured serum with gas is found. This gives typical sweetish-sour smell. The muscles are emphysematous, dark or black, friable giving a spongy character.

This vaccine is a suspension of formalin-killed Clostridium chauvoei culture(≥109) organisms per dose adjuvanted with Aluminium hydroxide gel.


The cattle should be vaccinated at least 15-20 days before the onset of seasonal outbreak. It requires about 14 days for the animal to develop full immunity. Immunity usually lasts for 4-6 months. Booster vaccination is required every six month or just before the seasonal outbreak.

Shake well to make uniform suspension, inject 1 ml per animal subcutaneously in lower neck region.

50 dose vial.

Store the vaccine at 20-80C.