(Contains Toxoid & Bacterins of Type B, C, & D)
Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Adjuvanted

Each doses(2 ml) contains : Inactivated bacterin of Clostridium Perfringens type B, C & D ≥109,
adjuvanted with Aluminium hydroxide gel.It confers protection against the following common disease:

Disease C1.perfringens Type Host Animal & Disease Caused

- Lamb Dysentry

-Piglets diarrhoea

Type 'B'

•Lambs & Piglets upto 10-12 days causes

•Dysentry & deaths

•Causes haemorrhagic diarrhoea



-Piglets enterotoxaemia

Type 'C'

•Adult Sheep causes acute gastrits & enterititis, sudden death

•Adult goats causes neurotoxaemia, convulsions & death

•2-10 days old piglets


(Pulpy Kidney)

Type 'D' •Adult sheep & goats and young lambs & kids where dams were not vaccinated become victims of this disease causing acute neurotoxaemia resulting in convulsions & death.

Vaccinate animals with vaccine after shaking as subcutaneous injection. The dose for adult sheep, Goat & pigs is 2.0 ml and for young lamb, kid, piglets is 1.0 ml. Vaccine is normally given two times at 15 days intervals. Vaccine protects for 6-9 months.

  1. Pregnant animals must be given vaccine two times at 15 days interval, atleast one months before parturition.
  2. Lambs/kids/Piglets are protected for 4-6 weeks from vaccinated dams.
  3. Lambs/kids/Piglets from unvaccinated dams should be vaccinated within one week of birth or soon after.

Vaccine is available in 50 dose(100 ml vial). It is stored at 2-80C in cold store/refrigerator. Purchase vaccine from authorized chemist only. Consult veterinary doctors/specialists.