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Helping India Become Self reliant In Vaccines…

A Masters in Pathology from India and PhD from California University, USA in 1965 the stalwart entrepreneur worked in US for nearby five years before returning to his motherland. His main mission was to establish a factory for manufacture of much required vaccines to prevent communicable diseases in human and animals. It was a period, the 1970 when substantial foreign exchange outflow impinged on economic scenario in the pharma turf, especially for import of most of vaccines. Taking into account this very milieu and India’s tropical climate prone to number of diseases, the visionary of Dr. S.P Garg founded Bio-Med (P) Limited in 1974.

The highly skilled entrepreneur Dr. Garg has rightly been awarded with the Bharat Udyog Gold star- 1996 and Udyog Shiri- 1990 for his contribution to perfect health of human and livestock.

He Dared…He Dreamt…He Actualised…Indigenous & affordable Vaccines