Human and Veterinary vaccine manufacturing divisions are located on two separate sites. Facilities for manufacture of vaccines are dedicated units for manufacture of individual vaccines i.e. separate and independent facilities for Polysaccharide vaccines, Rabies vaccines, Polio Vaccine , Bacterial toxins and toxoids etc.

The manufacturing facilities have been designed and are being constantly upgraded and maintained according to the CGMP standards. The physical working environment is completely modernized and compares well to world standards. It has state of the art laboratory & production equipment that has been supplied by worlds leading equipment manufacturers. The company has excellent facilities for lyophilisation. The unique process of freeze-drying of vaccines is a major input, which helps make vaccines quite stable necessary for shipment and use in far-flung areas. All laboratories are centrally air-conditioned and are designed to maintain the required air quality standards of specific areas from class 100,000 to class 100.

Bio-Med's huge area encompasses separate dedicated manufacturing units, Quality Control units, Packaging units, Administrative unit, R&D unit, and ultra modern Animal House facilities.

Quality control at Bio-Med has always been an area of top priority. Bio-Med has set up a quality control system that is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis. Quality control involves all aspects of manufacturing process, starting from the raw material stage to the finished product. The manufactured products undergo detailed test and analysis as per standard procedures set by the various regulatory bodies (namely the GMP guidelines of the Government of India, the state government of U.P.), for each product, before they are released into the market.

With continuous advancement in technology and infrastructure facilities, Bio-Med continues to update its quality assurance program to match the best in the world. For us, it is no longer the quest to comply with existing regulations. It is more a vision to establish our standards that in all ways exceed those that have been outlined by the regulatory agencies. No wonder, Bio-Med works under 'Zero Defect' concept to deliver the best, always. For us, there is no place for compromise.