Ranikhet Disease Vaccine, Live Lentogenic 'LaSota' Strain I.P. SUPER LaSotaTM

Super LaSotaTM Vaccine is the latest contribution of Bio-Med to the bandbagon of currently existing Ranikhet disease vaccines. Its uniqueness lies in its characteristics of being highly immunogenic although being stress free. Hence it shall protect (broiler / layer) chicks (young chicks or birds in lay) against the potential attack of very-very virulent Ranikhet disease virus.
Super LaSotaTM has been developed in DSIR (Govt. of India) certified lab of Bio-Med by extensive research using CLONING & SELECTION procedure. Super LaSota's I.C.P Index is 0.0125 & C.E.P Index is 115.5 hours. It causes insignificant pathogenic changes in the lung & airsacs of young chicks. The chicks vaccinated with this vaccine, resisted challenge by infectious Ranikhet disease virus(90% Survival in comparision with about 10% conferred with regular Lasota/F/B-1 Strain vaccines in a trial). All these characteristics makes Super LaSotaTM a distinct clone of R.D. virus.

This vaccine is available in Freeze Dried from in 1000 and 5000 dose pack, Each dose of vaccine contains ≥ 106 EID50 per dose.

Vaccinate Chicks (Boiler/Layer) at 1-7 days, Repeat at 20-28 days. For Layers, it can be given in drinking water to birds.

The vaccine is to be reconstituted in normal saline(0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution). Use 40 ml and 200 ml diluent for reconstitution of 1000 dose and 5000 dose vial respectively.
Administer 'one' drop by dropper in the mouth of each chick. Alternatively, the recontituted vaccine can be given in drinking water also. Allow birds to be thirsty for 1/2 hour to one hour depending on climate. Remove drinking & clean them. Use fresh water only. Do not use medicated or water with chlorine or any disinfectant. Add vaccine, proportionately in drinkers with enough water that should be consumed within one or two hours. Dry milk powder can be added (100gm per 20 litre) to drinking water for stabilizing vaccine.

The vaccine must be stored in refrigerator(20 -80C) until its use.